Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sweet Orange & Apricot Kernel soap

Recently I had the honor of being asked by Jean of Jean May Originals to test some soap she had made, needless to say i was very excited!

The item was Sweet Orange & Apricot Kernel soap! Jean was Leary that the kernels may be too rough and wanted a 2nd opinion (after trying it herself of course!)

Well I received the soap and was anxious to open it .. Sweet Orange is one of my Favorite candles from Mia Bella so I was excited to see how the fragrance compared.. and OH MY! Did it ever compare! It smelled deliciously fresh!!

I was so excited to try the soap that i ran and put the soap in the shower so I would not forget next shower! Now as many of you know i live in CO .. we have VERY low humidity and therefore we generally have pretty dry skin! This is definitely my case!

So starting out I was very impressed with the consistency and the feel of the soap .. the kernels were just a tad rough but hey isn't that what happens when you are exfoliating? Well the one lil "trick" I learned was that anytime the kernels seemed a bit too rough I would simply work on my feet for about 20 seconds and poof they were back to being perfect on the rest of the body!!

If you have very sensative skin you may want to choose one of Jeans other soaps, but if you have dry skin I am telling you this is perfect! OR if you like to do your own lil Mini Pedi's it works great!

One thing I LOVED about the soap is that it is a creamy soap BUT it left my face feeling squeaky clean, not dry just CLEAN feeling!! Many times soaps will either dry out my face or moisturize them so much that they kind of feel, not oily but not fresh and clean!

A Little about the process: it's made from Palm, Coconut & Olive Oils and that it's made in small batches using the old-fashioned cold process method and bars are hand cut.

Now on a side note .. I am looking forward to trying her Mudballs and writing a review on those TOO!!

First we grind chocolate sandwich cookies to a fine powder, mix in whipped cream cheese, then roll into balls and dip in our secret chocolate recipe. These delectable, heavenly bite-size treats are sure to please even the most discerning sweet tooth. Sold by the dozen.
Allergy warning: Contains nuts.
$6.50 per doz. (+$5.00 S/H)

Jean also offers MANY other items so take a few minutes and browse her online store!!!


Teri Landow said...

Awesome!! Can't wait to try some of the soaps myself! And the Mudballs, well, I guess I'll just have to go off my diet to try them!!!

Silver River Jewelry said...

I am such a hand made soap addict. I am adding her to my list of soaps to try. Looks yummy and I love a really good exfoliating soap.

Andrea Baker said...

What a fabulous review! Thank you so much for sharing!

Daisy said...

Home-made soaps always seem to have the best scents. This one sounds sweet!

BBPartyGirl said...

Jean's soap sounds awesome! I can't wait to give it a try! And those mudballs look delish!!!

Jean said...

Debbi, thank you so much for a glowing review. I appreciate your assistance in testing my products and am so glad you liked the soap!! Now, who wants to taste test a new product for my Edibles line????

Owner, Jean May Originals

Debbi Andersen said...

Would it be too rude of me to say ME ME ME!! LOL

Brenda @ GreenishPink.com said...

I can almost smell the soap and I imagine it smells heavenly! And the mud balls look delicious!!!!

Coach Ferfer said...

ooo that sounds fabulous - I love sweet orange! I bet it almost smelled like a spa. Oh boy, I can't wait to try Jean's mudballs!!! Hugs!