Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pretty Things: ~~~~ !!!! ~~~~ Metal Stamp Set Giveaway ~~~~!!!! ~...

Check out this amazing giveaway!! I really hope to win!!!

Pretty Things: ~~~~ !!!! ~~~~ Metal Stamp Set Giveaway ~~~~!!!! ~...: "I was recently contacted by PJ Tool & Supply, a jewelry and hand tools supply site. (Tools, ah... tools. I own more hammers ..."

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A new branch ....

Well this last week I got in all of my new tools for my new craft I am wanting to get into!

Here are some of them.....

Metal Stamping is one of those crafts that takes practice!! I got a great suggestion to go to Lowes or Home Depot and buy some Roofing Flashing to practice on!!

So I have done a few little trials .. many errors lol

Here are a few of my trials ....

Not perfect but its a start :) I have ordered some blanks and have some sheets of metal to cut and work on! The possibilities are endless!

I hope you enjoy a look into my next division of my business - and I plan to share some awesome projects with all of you as i learn more!!

Friday, December 31, 2010

And we welcome 2011!!

WOW Can you believe we are saying goodbye to 2010??

This year just FLEW past!

I had a Fabulous year in business! I would have to say this was my best year yet! I also met or reconnected with some friends that changed my life! I feel as if i am a better person just for knowing you - and I am sure you know who you are :)

We had some ups and downs but I truly believe that when a door closes there is another one that opens - even though sometimes you have to look for it!!

So Most of the Year I spent doing Booths out at Ft Carson Mini Mall and doing very well! I Love all of my customers that come out to see me when I am there! I love that some of you just stop by to say Hello and update me on your lives!

In July I ended up setting up at an indoor market - That was a huge change for me - But a good change :) I moved from having 2 tables to a small strangely shaped room - in which i incorporated my Massage Practice back in! Then I moved into a bigger room and was set up quite nicely!

My Massage Practice grew by leaps and bounds - mostly thanks to the Radio Shopping Show! I met some amazing people and formed some amazing friendships!

Well unfortunately on Dec 4th the indoor shop at the Market came to an end and we had to close up. I am Thankful to everyone that helped make my shop successful at the market and those that helped me when I had to pack all of it up!

Thankfully I was scheduled to be set up at the Ft Carson Mini Mall for the 2 weeks prior to Christmas!! My Amazing Customers did not let me down and kept me quite busy the whole 2 weeks!! I even had some amazing customers that came from Monument and navigated getting on post just to come see me!

Looking forward to 2011:

Well I expect 2011 is going to blow 2010 out of the water! To start the year off my Husband comes home from Afghanistan! so that makes it better period!

BUT I am also doing so many more things the "Right" way! I ordered Quickbooks to keep my accounting on point (Every year tax time is a nightmare because I am bad at keeping records organized) I have also purchased a Book called 52 weeks of Blogging your passion! I have already started reading it (which inspired me to write this last blog of 2010) AND I have written my mission statement!

Let me start by saying that I have decided to add some new divisions to my business! I recently purchased all of the tools needed to do Metal Stamping! I will be making things from Pendants and dangle charms to little tags for products to .. well whatever I can imagine! I may even look into Clay and stamping pendants in clay or who knows what! The Responsibilities are endless!!

In addition I am seeking a location for a new brick and mortar shop as well! I am hoping we can find a new location soon as I am anxious to get started!! The plan is to share the space with an amazing woman that makes amazing products!!

So .. with that in mind here is my Mission statement for 2011:

Debs Gift Boutique/Charms~N~Things is a Blog about finding your creative gremlin within you and bringing him or her out to play. I want to Inspire you to show off your own personal style or add some pizazz to your creations! I want you to be the best YOU you can be!! And Have fun doing it!

I look forward to reading your comments and being inspired by YOU this coming year - and hopefully I can inspire you as well!

Happy New Year - Goodbye 2010 .. Welcome 2011!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Custom Italian Charms

So recently I had to employ the services of one of my Affiliates - and she is a godsend!!

She has managed to get over 250 new charms uploaded to the site!

Due to her awesome work I decided to have a 20% Off Sale!! Going on through the end of April - so hurry on over and check it out!

I wanted to be sure to let you all know that I can do ANY custom charms you would like!
Custom prices vary - If it is a specific charm with a personal photo is $15.00; if it is a basic charm that I can sell to others no additional charge; if it is a specific charm that has a general picture it is $8.00 (unless you order 10 or more)

I can do school Logo's; a picture for a specific group you are a part of; a Unit; a company Logo to name a few options!

I recently had a custom request for several Army Unit Patches - here are a few samples:

I can also do Laser Charms as well - Examples here:

In addition I want you all to know that we also have Medical Alert Charms!

We also have several starter bracelets to choose from - everything from basic silver to colored!

So Head on over to and do a little shopping!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

What New Items are coming To Charms~N~Things??

Wow things have been going famously with the new Charms~N~Things Website!

We just placed another large order of charms and accessories to be added to the website over the next few weeks!!

To include a few of the new items being added are Charm Watches! Here are a few Pictures (these are not necessarily the Specific Watches that will be on the site as I asked my supplier to substitute any watches I ordered that wewre out of stock with ones instock!)

I am REALLY excited to add these to the site and Look forward to requests for specific colors, shapes etc. The amazing thing is that you can customize your watches with charms that tell your story or describe your life!!

In addition I have ordered NFL Charms!! I cannot get every team but as the Teams Become available I will add them!! here are the ones i can get so far!

And we have MANY more Military, Family, Religious and Disney to name a few!

Please keep a look out for all of the new charms coming to Charms~N~Things And Once I have everything In I will be having a SALE!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Charming Lil Gifts for You and Your Loved Ones