Monday, January 19, 2009

Update on Organizing..

Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions! I have started making a little headway!
Over the weekend i purchased several bookcases and shelving units in order to start my venture!

The 2 book cases are now in the office and are displaying my inventory! it looks great, in fact Hubby says i cant do craft shows or Kiosks because he doesn't want to see me tear it all down and have to put it back up lol! The other shelving units were placed in the closet along with a HUGE filing cabinet(about 6ft X 4 ft) that used to be out in the office! I am storing extra inventory on the shelving and literature and stuff for my home parties in the filing cabinet! I am starting to feel so organized! lol

My office definitely looks much bigger now! i still have to figure a few things out as I do not have any of my melts displayed and those are always huge sellers and i am all about maximizing the sale this year!

I know I am no where close to being organized as of yet but it was a HUGE step in the right direction :)

In addition I have started working on doing home parties this year! I have 2 scheduled and working on scheduling a few others! I have already had 1 online party and that went great!

If you are local in the Springs and want to have a party please get with me and we will get you scheduled! Depending on what party you would like to do you could get kinds of great stuff!

And if you are not local but would still like to schedule an online party we can do that too!
Just visit my website TheKnead2Relax and click on the "are you ready to Party" Tab and see all of the details!

Thanks for reading my latest post :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Trying to get organized... Contest included

Ok so one thing I am NOT is organized lol .. I think I need a personal assistant that is just a mini me! Someone who thinks like me and knows what i want without telling them - impossible I know but we all have pipe dreams!

So I have been trying to figure out what I can do to help me in the grand scheme of things. I have subscribed to a few different newsletters designed to help me get organized.. but alas i see them and mark them important and find it hard to find time to go back and read them - and thus do not get anymore organized than I was at the end of last year when I decided I needed to overcome this in 2009!

I think one of my biggest problems is that I have several different business' that I am excited about! As most of you know I have my Massage Therapy practice which I run out of my home and have done so for several years. I used to be good about getting all of my client info put into a file on my computer so that it was easily accessible, well as things got busier and I started to add opportunities to my plate I found myself slacking in this area :( I have an associate that has offered to help me get all of my client files updated and all of the e-mail addresses added into my address book online I just have not provided her with everything to do so! I really need to complete this task as i used to mail out a newsletter every month and decided for multiple reasons that going to an online newsletter made so much more sense! the main reason being cost - when my list grew to over 100 just the postage alone was almost $50 - then you figure in paper, envelopes, printer ink and my time well that was an expense I needed to reduce! Unfortunately since deciding this I have not sent out a newsletter - and this goes back almost 6 months now - i know pick up your jaw it is a disgrace to think about - i just missed my greatest opportunity to bump my business (ie: Holiday season) Now don't get me wrong i have my regulars that come every month but I really need to build things up a little more so that we have money to put back into saving (since we had to deplete our savings when Will's pay got messed up) and then we can do more fun things this coming year - especially if Will is to deploy in Nov/ Dec 2009!

So on to the next problem I seem to have .. well i now rep for several different companies along with one product I buy wholesale and sell. I need to get organized with some sort of system that makes it easy to find all of my literature and samples as well as a way to store all of my inventory in order to sell product to people when I am not at my Kiosk or a craft fair. I have probably missed a few opportunities due to this disorganization - which should be motivation enough but I think I am just overwhelmed :(

I guess i would love some ideas and suggestions to help me - I am sure I "know" what to do but actually doing it seems to be a tough project right now - I am thinking I will have a contest .. I want you all to comment with your suggestions (make them easy not super indepth) you can submit more than one suggestion and I will send surprise gifts to those who provide suggestions that I put into place! And since i sell so many different products you never know what you will get :)

I look forward to hearing your suggestions and implementing some new tasks in my day :)

Thanks in advance for participating in my lil contest :)


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Aren't My Kids Adorable?

So I just figured out how to make slideshows lol so I made one of our kids :)
What do you think?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Check Out our Spot Light Company for SSIS

Heidi Church!!

Gano Brand Coffee
Cookie Lee Jewlery
Diamond Creek Candles
My Shopit site

Here are the rules to becoming the NEXT Spotlight company!
We are basing the contenders on a points system!
You MUST let us know when you do anything that constitutes points or else you won’t get credit!
5 for a spotlight purchase
3 for promoting group as a whole (max 1x a week)
3 per referred
2 for promoting spotlight (max 1x per week)
1 per day for posting (max points per week 7 for posting each day)

The credits are awarded within the particular week only! And reset when a new spotlight company is chosen!

And remember we only allow 2 consultants per company that are actively advertising their product (Others can sign up under them but the original members are here to advertise and get sales of that product!)

Also membership as a seller is decided by the owners of the group based on the number of sellers of that type of product – we do not want to saturate our group with too many of like items .. I know we have many jewelry companies but for the most part it is all different types and styles at this point!

Also we have decided to allow “Shoppers” If someone is just a shopper but also has a company they sell for but we have reached our max number of consultants then those people will have first shot at becoming a seller when anyone leaves or is removed from the group.

If you leave or are removed and you wish to come back and we have that market filled you can join as a “Shopper” and wait for the opportunity to become a seller again 
Good Luck to Everyone in 2009 and I can’t wait to hear from Heidi about her Companies!!!

If you are Interested in joining our group please check us out and request membership :) We are a very laid back group that is focused on helping one another succeed! Click Here Sassy Sisters in Sales Please let us know how you found us when you apply!