Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Newest Adventure!

As Many of you know I have decided to take a new and exciting journey!

Pink Papaya products are first and foremost about quality. Our products are crafted from 100% pure essential oils, imported French ingredients, natural fruit and flower extracts and signature scents. Our team of chemists interlaced the beauty secrets of ancient civilizations with modern technology to develop our products – products that are not only luxurious but also on the forward edge of skin and body care.

I have just begun my journey but I am already SO excited!! I have had some amazing feedback from the samples that came in my kit! Everyone is LOVING the smells and textures and consistency and price!! Our products rival other big names and high end department store brands!

Here are just a few of my Favorite things!

cranberry orange hand scrub
An uplifting mixture of organic sugar, cranberry
seeds, vitamin e and aloe vera, gently reconditions
your hands by exfoliating them to a glowing finish.
Leave by your kitchen sink and use frequently to keep
hands looking and feeling beautiful. 5 ounces item #00063

massage oil
Create a sensuous and smooth massage with our signature blend of golden jojoba, sesame and evening primrose oil. it will leave skin fragrant and hydrated. Can also be used as a bath oil creating a silky and moisturizing pool of water relieving dry and parched skin. inhale the essential oil fragrances and feel your stress melt away. 4 ounces item #00000 lavender sweet orange item #00001 vanilla sandalwood item #00002 grapefruit bergamot

green jade roller
Restore the natural fl ow of energy to the skin with our green jade roller. The use of jade as a massager on the facial skin has been used by many cultures for centuries use our green jade roller in a gentle upward motion on face to promote circulation for a glowing and more youthful complexion! item #00148

If you would like to learn more about how you could join this amazing team check out below:

Create a career to fit your lifestyle

Do you wish you had more time with family and friends, do you find that you are always looking for that moment of peace and relaxation? Are you interested in a career that has the potential to offer you flexibility, recognition, team support and best of all a chance to make the earnings that you’ve always dreamed of?

Pink Papaya can be your answer. We offer you:

  • Opportunity – join at the ground level and build one of the first Pink Papaya teams
  • Success – set your goals, make a plan and determine what income level you want to achieve, we will help you every step of the way
  • Recognition – annual conventions, award banquets, vacation getaways and more…
  • Freedom – be your own boss with the flexibility to choose hours that fit your lifestyle
  • Friendship – be part of a team, meet new people, belong to a family of consultants that support one another
  • Ease of Joining – classic kit for less than $200 – your business kit contains everything you need to begin your business, products for display, spa tester products for running your Pink Papaya parties and business supplies