Saturday, July 25, 2009

Get your products or service reviewed by the Sassy Sisters

Would you like to get exposure for your product or service?
Are you looking for a supportive environment for selling your self, or your brand?
Do you want to gain valuable knowledge about selling and promoting any of the above?

The Sassy Sisters in Sales invite you to the Sisterhood.

We are always looking for new products and services that would help moms, sisters, kids, family and women in general. So, when you submit your product or service to the Sassy Sisters in Sales, one of our members will test and try your product or service and offer a written review (within a reasonable amount of time or a previously agreed amount of time) outlining the great points along with a fair assessment or suggestions about what could be better.

All reviews are the personal opinion of the member and not representative of the group as a whole.

What's the point in sharing your products in exchange for a review? You gain exposure! Our network of sisters reaches far and wide and one post on our blog can lead to many other posts about your products in addition to sales of your products and services.

When you agree to a review with the Sassy Sisters in Sales, even if the member's experience wasn't great, they agree to let you know the specific points about your product or service that weren't good for them, before, and maybe even instead of posting the review live to our blog. We promise to be nice about it, because we know that positive and constructive information about what doesn't work for one person, can and does, often lead to a better product in the end.

In addition to reviews, you'll have the opportunity to present your company, products, and brand at our on-line vendor events which offer even more great exposure with direct contact and the ability to share information with your potential new customers!

Want the opportunity to learn even more from the Sisterhood? You can join our yahoo group where we teach, learn, share and build our businesses through relationships developed in a positive and engaging environment.

There is no charge at this time for product reviews. If during the testing process we find that we have issues with the product or service we will email you and explain the problems. We offer only truthful reviews and testing from our point of view and our experience with your products.

We will, however, send you a copy of the written review before posting in order for you to offer insights or additional information that may help readers get around any negative experience on our part. Discounts or Give a Ways are always a good idea to entice more readers to visit you and make a purchase.

Why are we qualified to offer product and service reviews?
We are an ever growing group of business women with a variety of backgrounds in business, family, economic, and cultural situations. You and your products or services will be matched up to the best fit of our reviewers. If we currently have no one who is willing or able to test and review your brand, we will tell you and offer to let you know when someone becomes available.

There is no charge at this time for product reviews, however you will send your products or provide services at no cost to the reviewer or to Sassy Sisters In Sales.
For a review opportunity, send the following information to our submissions email with the word Review in the subject line.

Your Name:
Your company:
Your website:
The product or service you would like reviewed.
Your email or contact information.

We will contact you with further information.

Sassy Sisters In Sales