Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lucky?? i think so!

WOW so i found out this week that I won ANOTHER! Giveaway! Yeah! I won this Lovely Scarf! It is Twilight Inspired.. i LOVE the colors! Here is the Blog - Design Knit fun

Donielle has many amazing items that she creates! Here is her ETSY shop And this is one of my favorite Item in her shop ..

Even though I know Donielle from a Yahoo group we are both members of - I actually found this giveaway on a blog a fellow member runs .. It is called Alex Shares

Alex Shares Is an amazing site where you can advertise, post contests you are having, and find amazing specials! Check it out!! Tell her Debbi sent you :)


JaelCustomDesigns said...

Popping in from UWIB!
Now following your blog...

You can find me at

Design Knit Fun said...

Thanks Debbie! great surprise to your post today and hope you love your new scarf :-)

Julie B said...

I have one of her scarves and I just love it! Her things are so beautiful and well made!
Lucky you are Debbie to win one!