Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Stills .. Halloween

So as many of you know we did a Haunted House at The American Legion on Friday Night .. here are a few pictures we took .. it was hard to get *great* shots due to the fog and how dark it was but hopefully you will enjoy :)

This was the Sensory box -
we had Intestines, Eyeballs and a Heart
in the holes for the kids to feel and try and guess what they were!

This was a table full of specimens and herbs and other crazy stuff

This was the mad scientist cutting up her latest victim!Fred should not have been drinking while mowing the lawn ....

Grim Reaper and the Mad Scientist colaborating

This bride never saw her wedding night

one of the ghouls in the caskets in the spider room

And what haunted houe is complete without Jason chasing people out with a chainsaw!
(this is the hubby ;) hehe )

I hope you enjoyed my lil walk through of the haunted house! I look forward to next weeks Sunday Stills :)

You can always join in and play along with the challenge yourself here


Teri Landow said...

Awesome!! Looks like it was a ghoulishly great time!!!

c said...

Nice haunted house!

Ebie said...

looks spooky! Nice costumes and ambiance!