Monday, June 22, 2009

Another Year Older...

So yesterday was my Birthday .. and fathers day .. so we had a nice day to celebrate both!

Will and I started off exchanging gifts in the morning ... I was excited to get a new set of Pink Dog Tags from the "kids" and a pink Filing cabinet! lol

Its funny when we are business women what lil business supplies/tools/furniture can make us so happy!

Next my sweet Hubby made me breakfast - Bacon and eggs and toast - very yummy!

Then we were ogg to get Mani/Pedi's - YES Both of us did! It was a great bonding experience as always .. hubby was a lil reluctant for the Mani but I convinced him it was a good idea :)

After that we noticed a carnival in a nearby parking lot .. not sure if you have these where you live but here in Colorado Springs we seem to have a carnival pop up anywhere that there is room enough to put a few rides and a few food carts! lol Anyway I immediately though "mmm funnel cake!" so we were off to have funnel cake! lol

The rest of the evening was kinda normal stuff.. went to Sam's Club to get some things we needed and then home to have some spaghetti .. then finished the night off watching a series we had somehow missed the first go round, Dead Like me, was a good show and its on instant watch for Netflix woohoo! lol

Anyway it was a nice day spent with the man I love and my Mom :) Great times!


BBPartyGirl said...

So glad you had such a great Birthday/Father's Day celebration!!!