Sunday, May 24, 2009

I feel the Spotlight Shining!

As many of you know I am in this AMAZING Networking Group called Sassy Sisters in Sales!

We are so much more than a group of shoppers and sellers.. we share ideas, help one another promote each others business', give emotional and spiritual help when we have members in need or facing diversity... I LOVE being a part of this group, I have learned SO much about myself and my business through these talented ladies!

Well each week we spotlight a different member and this week it happened to be Me!! Thank you Jenn for writing up a great Blog about me Spotlight for May 24 - May 30th

In Honor of this week i am doing an Inventory Sale! So far I have gone through all of my Jar Candles and Teas That I sell and I am offering the following Sale:

16 oz Jar Candles from a Gourmet Candle Company That I am a Distributor for! These Jar candles burn between 90 - 120 hours, are clean burning (no Black soot!) and are made from all natural wax! They are even Bird Safe!! And the smell is amazing! It smells the same from the first time you light them to the last!

You can visit the above site to get descriptions of all of the scents I am going to list!

Please note that you must e-mail me ( your order and that the price is ONLY Good for those candles I have in my inventory! I am selling these at a reduced price of $15 EACH! .. you will notice on the website that the MSRP is $18.95 so it is a considerable discount! Shipping will be determined by the size of the order .. I use flat rate boxes whenever possible in order to ship at the most cost effective way for you! Please let me know if you have any questions! I will try and update this list as orders come in so as to offer you the most current availability!

Angel Wings 1
Cactus & White Peach 1
Coconut & Lime 1
Coffee Break 1
Fresh Laundry 2
Fresh Linen 1
Ginger & Cedarwood 1
Home For Christmas 1
Japanese Pear 1
Mango Tea 1
Mulled Cider 1
Pumpkin Cheesecake 1
Rain 1
Slate & Stone 2
Sugared Clementine 1
Sweet Fig & Wildberry 1
Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper 1
Wildflowers 2

Next is my Amazing Loose Leaf Tea!! This tea is all loose leaf and all natural! No added "yucky" stuff no pesticides etc! And we all know tea is great for you! You can look at some past posts for some info on Tea!

You can Click the above banner to get a complete list of ingredients for the Tea's I have on hand! If there are any not listed please feel free to e-mail me .. I have a few in stock that are seasonal and my not be listed, but I can email you the ingredients! I have broken them down by "type" to make it easier for you to search! I am selling these for ONLY $9.00 per can!! MSRP is $10.95 and up (and that does not include tax!) The shipping will once again be determined by how much you purchase but will always be sent in the most cost effective manor!)

And again please note that you must e-mail me ( your order and that the price is ONLY Good for those Teas I have in my inventory!

Blood Orange 1
Bubble Gum 1
Cinn Apple w/ Chamomile 4
Cold Chaser 4
Digestive Helper 4
Energy Boost 2
Exotic Dreams 1
Fitness Curve 1
Fountain of Youth 3
Herbs of a Woman 2
Jelly Bean Dream 1
Lavender 1
Morning Herbs 3
Mothers Pride 1
Night Cap 1
Passion Flare 1
Raspberry Mint 1
Strawberry Kiwi 2
Stress Blocker 4
Sweet Dreams 1
Vanilla LemonGrass 1

Green Tea
Chai 1
8 Treasures 3
Strawberry Green 3
Walnut Green 2
Blossoms of Springs 1

Black Tea
Apple Spice 1
Black Currant 3
Chai American 3
Chocolate Almond 4
Chocolate Mint 2
Chocolate Strawberry 4
Cocoa Truffle 1
Pomegranate 1
Raspberry 3
White Christmas 2
Wild Blackberry 2
Hearthside Toddy 1

White Tea
Fresh Orange 1
Fresh Peach 1
Spice White 1
Mangosteen 1
Cinnamon Stick 1

After 7 1
Aunties Pumpkin Pie 1
Bourbon Street Vanilla 2
Eggnog 1
Mate Chai Tea 1
Nut Crunch 1
Tropical Sunrise 3

I am working on an inventory of my Charms as we speak and will post a sale on those in the next few days as I am able to update my Bonanzle Booth with everything I have in stock! We sold a LOT of Charms this past week while out at Ft Carson so this will be a fun task! lol

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions! And I look forward to your Orders!!

Debbi Andersen is a mom of 3 four leggers, One 17 yr old cat, a 4 1/2 year old Pit Lab Mix and a 4 year old Pit Terrier, She is a Massage Therapist & Gift Boutique owner of The Knead 2 Relax, She is co-owner of the group Sassy Sister in Sales as well as COO and Senior Executive Director for The Network of Business Women, In addition she sells Advertisment space for The Market Treasury in Colorado Springs


Brenda said...

Ladies...those Mia Bella Candles are amazing. My favorite scent from this list is sweet orange and chili pepper! Another good one is the vanilla one...unfortunately it isn't on the list, but you can get it from the site! I have a few candles already on reserve, but this sale is great! Go for it and take advantage of this sale!

BBPartyGirl said...

I can't wait to see what you have to offer in the charms! I love my bracelet and would love to add to it! Congrats on spotlight!!!

RoseStolarz said...

I can't wait to see the charm sale too!!!


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