Friday, February 13, 2009

Chance needs your help

Chance was dropped off at my gate of the fence and driveway, My nephew (14 yrs old) found him last night and brought him to me to help him. I need help with this poor baby, I will be creating a chip in button for him today and will post it on the front page. This baby is very emacited, and I can count his ribs and see his hip bones. He is approx 9-12 weeks old, probably came from a back yard breeder, Dumped in a mall parking lot to fend for himself. He was alittle puney last night with dry heaves, as I am sure drinking water and not having any for God know how long or many days, was alot for him, He is still not interested in food right now. Sleeping in a crate in my living area so I can watch and observe him. Please say a prayers for himm light a candle and donate anything if you can. All is appreicated and will enable me to meet all his medical needs right now. I will be calling the Vet today to get an appoinment for him. Please help me give this baby another Chance at life and know that humans can be loving and kind. God Bless You in advance, More pics to follow

Thank you all SO Much for anything you can do :)