Sunday, November 16, 2008

Xbox Live Anyone??

This is a Complete package - JUST the 12 month Gold membership is usually $50 .. I am selling the whole package for $30

The Box includes A Gold membership card (this Is a twelve month gold subscription to XBOX Live for XBOX and XBOX 360 which allows you to play against other players throughout the XBOX Live community) it also comes with 2003 XBOX Live GAME of the YEAR Crimson Skies XBOX Live & arcade Ms. Pac-man and Headset that fits original XBOX …

Again this is a $20 discount just off the price of the 12 month gold membership – and then you basically get the rest for FREE! FYI we know the card works as Hubby just renewed his with a card from 1 of the sets

We have several of these! If you are interested please email me This would be a GREAT stocking stuffer!!