Monday, January 19, 2009

Update on Organizing..

Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions! I have started making a little headway!
Over the weekend i purchased several bookcases and shelving units in order to start my venture!

The 2 book cases are now in the office and are displaying my inventory! it looks great, in fact Hubby says i cant do craft shows or Kiosks because he doesn't want to see me tear it all down and have to put it back up lol! The other shelving units were placed in the closet along with a HUGE filing cabinet(about 6ft X 4 ft) that used to be out in the office! I am storing extra inventory on the shelving and literature and stuff for my home parties in the filing cabinet! I am starting to feel so organized! lol

My office definitely looks much bigger now! i still have to figure a few things out as I do not have any of my melts displayed and those are always huge sellers and i am all about maximizing the sale this year!

I know I am no where close to being organized as of yet but it was a HUGE step in the right direction :)

In addition I have started working on doing home parties this year! I have 2 scheduled and working on scheduling a few others! I have already had 1 online party and that went great!

If you are local in the Springs and want to have a party please get with me and we will get you scheduled! Depending on what party you would like to do you could get kinds of great stuff!

And if you are not local but would still like to schedule an online party we can do that too!
Just visit my website TheKnead2Relax and click on the "are you ready to Party" Tab and see all of the details!

Thanks for reading my latest post :)